31775 Grand River Avenue   Farmington, MI 48336

American Legion Post 346

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Post 346 Newsletter - The Groves-Walker Bulletin

Members can obtain a printed or .PDF copy of past newsletters by emailing a request to:

please include date(s) requested, November 2004 to the present are available.

Newsletters from Jul/Aug 2018 through the present are also available by clicking below.

                                         Jul/Aug 2018                May/Jun 2019             Mar/Apr 2020               Jan/Feb 2021

                                         Sep/Oct 2018               Jul/Aug 2019               May/Jun 2020              Mar/Apr 2021

                                         Nov/Dec 2018              Sep/Oct 2019              July/Aug 2020             May/Jun 2021

                                         Jan/Feb 2019               Nov/Dec 2019              Sep/Oct 2020               Jul/Aug 2021

                                         Mar/Apr 2019               Jan/Feb 2020              Nov/Dec 2020               Sep/Oct 2021

You can download a  FREE Adobe Reader  for viewing .PDF files by clicking this link.