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American Legion Post 346

        Ralph & Carol Philp receiving the National               Carol Philp receiving "Best Website by a          Carol Hopson receiving "Website of the Year"          Carol Hopson receiving Dept. of MI "Website

        American Legion Press Assoc. 3rd place              Post " award at State Convention 06/14           award at State Convention 06/15 from Dept.            of the Year" award on 08/17 from Post 346

        award for the 2011-12 Bulletin at National              from Dept. PR Committeeman David Loop,        Commander Jim Wallace and Dept. PR Chairman      Commander Dale Baxter.

        Convention 08/12 from NALPA President               Dept. Commander Raymond Moore and             David Loop.

        Bret Reistad.                                                           18th Dist. Commander Cliff Lauzon.

American Legion Awards for Post 346 newsletter & website:

Carol Hopson received the NALPA (National American Legion Press Assoc.) 3rd place award for the 2011-12 Bulletin.
Carol Hopson has been the recipient of 6 MALPA (Michigan American Legion Press Assoc.) awards for the Groves-Walker Bulletin.
Carol Hopson has been the recipient of 5 MALPA (Michigan American Legion Press Assoc.) awards for this website.

Carol Hopson has also been a 4 time recipient of the American Legion Department of Michigan "Website of the Year" award.

And in 2012 Carol's design was adopted as the new logo for the Michigan American Legion Press Assoc. (MALPA).

Website Administrator: Carol Hopson, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 346 member since 1969
Proud Member of M.A.L.P.A. - The Michigan American Legion Press Association.

Post 346 Newsletter - The Groves-Walker Bulletin

Members can obtain a .PDF copy of past newsletters by emailing a request to - GrovesWalkerPost346@gmail.com
Please include date(s) requested, November 2004 to October 2014 available.
  We can also mail printed copies to your

home address upon request.  Newsletters from November 2014 through the present are available by clicking below.

                             Nov. 2014                Apr. 2015                Jan./Feb. 2016            Nov./Dec. 2016             Sep./Oct. 2017

                             Dec. 2014            May/Jun. 2015            Mar./Apr. 2016            Jan./Feb. 2017             Nov./Dec. 2017

                             Jan. 2015             Jul./Aug. 2015            May/Jun. 2016            Mar./Apr. 2017             Jan./Feb. 2018

                             Feb. 2015            Sep./Oct. 2015            Jul./Aug. 2016            May/Jun. 2017              Mar./Apr. 2018

                             Mar. 2015            Nov./Dec. 2015           Sep./Oct. 2016            Jul./Aug. 2017              May/Jun. 2018

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