Our "American Legion Family" consists of American Legion members - active duty service men and women, and honorably discharged veterans from the war eras listed below. The American Legion was founded and chartered by Congress in 1919.


American Legion Auxiliary  Membership is open to spouses (male and female), mothers, grand-mothers, daughters, grand-daughters

and sisters of veterans who served during the war eras listed below; some Auxiliary members are veterans themselves and have dual memberships. The American Legion Auxiliary was founded and chartered by Congress in 1919.


Sons of the American Legion, are proud male descendants (adopted or natural) of all ages of those who have served in the U.S. military

and were eligible for American Legion membership. The SAL organization is not a separate entity but a program of the American Legion.

Many Legionnaires also hold dual membership in the SAL. The Sons of the American Legion program was formed in 1932.


American Legion Riders are current members of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion who share a ​common love of motorcycles. The American Legion officially adopted the Legion Riders as a national program in 1993.

Eligibility Requirements for American Legion Membership - If you have served at least one day of federal active duty in the United States Armed Forces during the war eras listed below (as mandated by Congress), and have been honorably discharged or are still serving - you are eligible for membership in the American Legion.

Apr. 6, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1918 (World War I)

Dec. 7, 1941 (World War II) until the U.S. is no longer at war, as determined by Congress.


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Why Should I Join the American Legion

and Farmington, Michigan Post 346?

Who are we?
In 1919, the American Legion was founded on
Four Pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. Each of these "pillars" encompasses a variety of programs that benefit our nation’s veterans, its service members, their families, the youth of America, and all citizens. These programs make a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives each year. These programs, and the men and women who take the time to perform them, allow the American Legion to make a difference on local, state and national levels. It’s who we are and what we do.


Benefits of an American Legion Membership

The greatest benefit of your membership in the American Legion is the knowledge that you, as a current or former member of the United States military, are reaching out and helping your brothers in arms and their families; our nation and your community; and our future leaders, the youth of America.

Discounts - Your membership gives you and your family practical, money-saving discounts that can easily save you many times the cost of your annual membership dues.

Our Monthly Magazine & Newsletter - Our nation's leaders speak directly to citizens on the pages of The American Legion Magazine. The Legion's organizational goals are promoted using the words of talented writers, professional journalists, and world ​leaders. You will also receive the Groves-Walker Bulletin, our Post's award winning bi-monthly newsletter keeping you up to date on the happenings here in our community and at our Post 346.

The Legion is a Powerful Force in our Nation's Capitol - The American Legion is the nation’s most influential, effective and dependable advocate of veteran affairs, fighting for issues such as better active-duty pay, improved housing for active-duty families and helping to ensure that the Veterans Administration medical system can properly care for our veterans.

Veterans Administration Benefit Assistance - Your membership helps support Post and Department Service Officers nation wide who assist veterans in preparing claims and obtaining their full military healthcare benefits through the VA, among  many other valuable programs.

American Legion Post 346

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