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Need Help?

Are you a veteran in need of help? An accredited American Legion Service Officer is an invaluable source of information

and assistance. They have the tools, resources and knowledge to help most veterans with challenges they may face.They can

assist you with just about anything related to veterans benefits and services including, but not limited to: Disability compensation,

pension, healthcare, employment, burial and survivor benefits, housing, and education.

Veteran Service Officers (VSO's) are able to assist veterans and their families in a number of different ways:

Answering complex questions about Federal and State regulations.

Advising Veterans an the benefits they have earned.

Directing Veterans and their families to Federal, State, County, and local resources.

Representing individuals in hearings with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

‚ÄčAll services are provided free of charge.

Find your local American Legion Post by clicking here.

Find a local Michigan American Legion Service Officer by clicking here

Please use the above links instead of contacting our local Post 346. Also visit our Links page for more information.

American Legion Post 346

21023 Farmington Rd   Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336